What is Play? Brian Sutton-Smith in his book of Ambiguity of Play talks about how it is hard to define the meaning of Play tangibly.
Play, needs a context to take meaning, it is contextual. We can define and re-define its meaning depending on the domain it takes its meaning. Analogically it is like water, it becomes tangible within the structure it fills in.

Play is Making Connections;
PLAY is the outcome of manifestations of connections with ourselves, others and/ or our surroundings to achieve deeper meanings.

Play is Voluntary;
It can’t be forced onto anything but can be used to inspire and be contagious… It has a contagious energy in the sense of inviting others in either passively or actively. In this we discover that by just watching ‘the play action’ we can bring the playfulness of the mind. Such as watching kittens play or puppies jumping around or kids playing tumble play, you become passively in part of this “play” but still your mind will be taking active action.

So what is actually Play? It is making connections in order to create new meanings, within these meanings we create new learnings, it is a synced learning phase within its system where the mind acts as like a sponge with no set fences.
Play creates memories, the synced minds will create even stronger connections with what ever joy they have created in the making of.