Beginning of the summer I was invited by TEDx Alsancak to give a speech on PLAY.  School of life Yesim Kunter

Because the below movie is in Turkish, let me explain what I usually speak on PLAY. Play in its philosophical meaning is like a membrane which provides us with the most important sources; (Time and Space), to test our limits, strengthen our immunity, make us; adaptable, flexible, expandable, connect with; others, ourselves and things, create new perspectives, engage with our environment, learn new languages, and in return create deeper meanings. Huizinga in his Homo Ludens talks about how Play is the main reason of the cultures creation. Play in its nature starts even before we are born, and the types of Play Styles emerge as we get older, first we connect with our caregivers, surrounding, make sense of how things function such as our own feet, hands…and then we socialise, communicate, negotiate, team up, make strategies and make sense of the world around us. So it is so crucial to be in the Play State of Mind as Dr. Stuart Brown mentions. And I completely agree with this statement. Play is more like a Lens that we hold in front of our minds, and we can look from that mind set to all situations in Life. From Architecture to Psychology, from traumatic life events to happiness, learning to de-learning and re-learning. And we can adapt to our creative thinking process for all organisations, educations, personal situations. I have experienced personally in two different situations. First was so close to me, my grandfather was diagnosed with Cancer, we all knew what was waiting for us. But even in that situation what hold us was the humour, and our playful minds which was wrestling with the situation. And we got closer to each. The second was the way we, Turkish people fought for their Freedom of Speech at Gezi park and all around the country, “Playful minds” again created new ways to express themselves which in rest urn created a new kind of culture. So What Happens if There is NO PLAY? What does it look like a World a Life without PLAY?Becomes Lifeless, hopeless, uncreative, machine like, basically soulless. Everyone, every living thing needs PLAY in its own life, with that we become timeless and ageless. So would like to sum this with “We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” – George Bernard Shaw


TEDx Alsancak: