Beginning of January I was invited to give a talk on Play and Innovation at The Turkish Women’s International Network; Here is some of my notes from the Talk;


I was very much inspired by the Children’s vibrant minds, the way they think, behave and take risks, adapt, learn and master their skills. It became so obvious for me that their thinking style is also the most important step to creativity.

My bet in the Creativity and Innovation is that if we let ourselves to Play and have Playful Minds we will make better connections and discover new solutions.

Play in itself is a State of Mind. In Play we are immersed into the action and within that action we start to Bond with each other, discover unknowns, exploring new opportunities, create new meanings, use full potential of our imagination and make powerful connections.


Play takes place in every part of our life, it teaches us who we are, gives us space and time to develop our skills, In time we fell apart from this natural instinct and we start loose our sense of being creative. As we can’t afford to loose this very important skill and the dangers that might follow in the future, I ask you to join me to nourish the skill of creativity through the Power of Play.