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    25th Anniversary series: The Renaissance of the Digital Age, and How Play and Creativity will Evolve “Renaissance” is the re-birth of new concepts out of the old. It is the deconstruction of what has been done and understanding its fundamental principals in order to create new meanings out of the previous. We are in the era of rebirth of new adaptations, transitions, transformations of previous concepts, and still in the search of re-creation. This is similar to the Italian Renaissance, where dynamics were challenged, new technologies were introduced, new perspectives [...]

  • PRESS: The Pink Pony

    Why I Play: Yesim Kunter interviewed by The Pink Pony "Play is the manifestation of our connection with ourself, others and or our surroundings to achieve deeper meanings." This new interview of our 'Why I Play' series features play consultant and futurist Yesim Kunter. After having worked many years in the toy industry, Yesim founded the play consultancy Play to Innovate that specialises in using play to foster creativity within organisations. She explains why play is crucial for all, adults and children alike. Ready to play?  Hi Yesim, please tell us what [...]

  • PRESS: The Legacy Project

    Yesim Kunter | Play Expert & Futurist Interviewed by The Legacy Project Yesim is a Play Evangelist…. Believing in the Power of Play! Play is a state of MIND. She loves discovering new patterns and connecting them to discover new perspectives. Yesim has been giving lectures, talks, and facilitating workshops under the name of “Play to Innovate” intended to leverage creative decision-making, problem solving and team building services for organizations and educational institutions.   My Definition Of Success | The meaning of success transformed its meaning from outcome oriented to enjoying [...]


    Playing with ideas Interview by The European Yesim Kunter is a futurist; she explores the unknown, and finds new meanings, she creates new experiences and translates that knowledge into concrete ideas. Ms Kunter acknowledges that being a futurist is to embrace the mind of a child. That the most important thing is first to have fun playing with the ideas, be curious, open minded, but also realistic, to explore new meanings and communicate them for the needs of others. As well as being a futurist Ms Kunter also wanted [...]

  • PRESS: Procurement

    The Key To Creativity In Procurement: Play Time Interviewed by Paul Teague for Procurement Leaders "Grow up!" How many times have you told your children that? How many times have people told you that? Well, it may not always be good advice. There is a body of research that says children start life as creative beings, but grow less so as they become adults. That’s not a good evolution for people or businesses. Creativity is and will continue to be critical for procurement professionals. It takes an ability to think [...]

  • Talk on Play and Innovation and introducing Play to Innovate at Turkish WIN event

    Beginning of January I was invited to give a talk on Play and Innovation at The Turkish Women's International Network; Here is some of my notes from the Talk;   I was very much inspired by the Children’s vibrant minds, the way they think, behave and take risks, adapt, learn and master their skills. It became so obvious for me that their thinking style is also the most important step to creativity. My bet in the Creativity and Innovation is that if we let ourselves to Play and have [...]

  • TEDx Alsancak

    Beginning of the summer I was invited by TEDx Alsancak to give a speech on PLAY.  School of life Yesim Kunter Because the below movie is in Turkish, let me explain what I usually speak on PLAY. Play in its philosophical meaning is like a membrane which provides us with the most important sources; (Time and Space), to test our limits, strengthen our immunity, make us; adaptable, flexible, expandable, connect with; others, ourselves and things, create new perspectives, engage with our environment, learn new languages, [...]

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    Gamification as an Organizational Development Tool Interviewed by SOYDANBAY This week we interviewed Yeşim Kunter: a world-renowned play expert. Yeşim is best-known as the “woman who makes CEO’s play games.” She understands behavior of people to create new organizational experiences. Before founding her independent consultancy she worked for Hasbro, Lego Group, and Toys R Us in New York. As a futurist at Hasbro she was part of an innovation team dedicated to uncovering disruptive new play experiences for children and adults. Currently Yeşim is an independent consultant for developing PLAY to Innovate [...]


    YESIM KUNTER : PLAY TO CONNECT Please visit for the article and interview video.

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