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Prospect of Unlock Hidden Creativity

21st Century is the era of Conceptual Age. It is a period where vast amount of data is being produced and shared. As a result of this there is a search for innovative outcomes. But to be able to make the most meaningful and profitable connections, “minds” need to be flexible, open, adaptable, emphatic, divergent and curios. We need to first connect to our own intrinsic motivations, emotions and ideas in order to make discoveries to be able to move from our comfort zones.

This is the reason “Playful Thinking” is a medium for freeing the mind. It enables us to see the unseen, to predict what is not yet invented and imagine new possibilities.

What is Play? Play, is the outcome of manifestations of connections with ourselves, others and/ or our surroundings to achieve deeper meanings. Within these interaction new ways of ‘understanding’ emerges, whether developmental, emotional or physical.
‘Play’ brings out the hidden potentials, belief systems, visions, and intuitions of people and creates deeper connections within their ‘worlds’ and with others’ worlds. It sets secure settings for the participant to feel comfortable enough to examine variety of possibilities through unknown perspectives and create new connections in order to form new meanings.

In the path to innovative solutions, the subject within its domain needs to be explored and deconstructed to be re-constructed with a new perspective, this process needs a platform that is flexible, open, intuitive and adaptable. Play Workshops purpose is to first leverage the participants’ confidence of divergent thinking, vulnerability, openness and adaptability. During this process participants first connect with themselves and become flexible in the way they view their surrounding. With this mind-set, any information provided becomes acceptable and even fun to explore.

In the Innovation Process there are couple of main dynamics that needs to be explored; Team Building, Creative Thinking, Analytical Thinking, Critical Thinking, Scenario Planning, Imagination, Complex System Understanding…. In a Play Session all of these areas can be explored and adapted naturally and as a result Productivity, Decision Making, Vision Creation and Action Planning Decisions of the participants accelerates.

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