It has been interesting couple of years, observing people giving permission to themselves enjoy experiences as if they are still Kids. We call ourselves KIDULTS….

As a Play expert and who advocates the importance of Play for all living, I find this transition very uplifting…

Despite the fact that there are many violences, sadnesses, uncertainties happening everyday, we are in search for Joy of life, no matter where we come from and who we are. We all need it… Playfulness fulfils our need.

The reason I wanted to start this because just saw this article on The Telegraph under Lifestyle (Men) I wish it was gender-neutral but still a start… and one fact out of the below article love to share is;

“According to new research conducted by NPD Group, a retail analyst, sales of toys to adults have increased by almost two thirds over the past five years, and by more than 20 per cent in just the last year. As a result, the ‘toys for adults’ market (which, by the way, is a careful Google search, best done at home) is now worth £300m – and said to be growing three times faster than the children’s toy market itself.”

Isn’t this quiet fascinating? Love to see people having fun and finding the joy within themselves:)