Couple of weeks ago I was at Clemson University, at the Play Conference talking about Value of Play with some of the most amazing Play Advocates…. I have to admit I was very excited to speak and share my Play Experience (PlaytoInnovate®) case studies and findings with an audience filled with play experts…. But I was wrong, I had an amazing time talking in depth about Play in the areas of;

What is Play?

What must be done more to promote Play? not just for Children but also for Adults?

Play and Healthy Minds?

Play and Outdoors, Landscapes

Play and Brain Science

Play, where we see it happens?

These were the hot topics during the Conference but you could see it was in our minds all the time not just because we were there…. And it was also another pleasure meeting some of the most inspiring Play Experts such as Dr. Stuart Brown, Dr. Joe L. Frost, Pat Rumbaugh (The Play Lady) and so many many more amazing minds with passion in what they do in their everyday lives.

If I had to take one thing from this Conference as whole with us as the participants including; Playful Minds are easy to connect, be open to each other, open to share and create together from what they have learned from each….