Thank you World Innovation Convention, being with so many amazing minds was so inspiring for all of us. 3 Days of intense immersion on understanding how and what we each do for Innovation; It is a great place to be in to share, engage and interact.

…..”At a time when the world is shaping a new post-2015 global development agenda, we must recognize the importance and power of the cultural and creative sectors as engines of that development”, said Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO.

“Culture is both a driver and an enabler of human and sustainable development. It empowers people to take ownership of their own development, and stimulates the innovation and creativity which can drive inclusive and sustainable growth,” said Helen Clark, Administrator of UNDP.

Great quotes from Creative industries boost economies and development, shows UN Report and goes so hand in hand with the PLAY to INNOVATE Workshops Mission.

At the World Innovation Convention at Cannes I had facilitated Play to Innovate Workshop as an introductory to how Play leverages creative thinking.We had 40 participants, from variety of industries executives. All sitting down on the floor with a bit of suspicion on what will happen next:) We started of with creating creatures and characters and then went off to rescue Fairy Tale characters from their misery. Of course this was an introductory piece on how fantasy play, object play and games expand and almost extrude our minds.

Secretly but magically again I have witnessed some of the most amazing transformations of behaviours and in return great ideas float from the participators.

We had great FUN as well, you would see people being engaged, immersed to their task with a bit of relaxed seriousness but lots of curiosity, discussions with each… And at the end all teams were full of great stories and inventions!!!!

I LOVE facilitating Playtoinnovate Workshops for ALL, and every time the result is same and amazing amount of creativity, expansion and adaptability to Playful Thinking comes out. And leverages their creative thinking towards situations, problem solving and the way they communicate with each other.



So how does it help Organisations? Play to Innovate Workshops are always designed and specifically tailored for the needs of the Business Organisations, People, Educational Institutions. None of the Play to Innovate Workshop is same as the other and can not be, as every case is unique in itself. But the aim is same, it is to leverage the Creative Thinking within us in order to understand the hidden behaviours and actions for the situations and reflect upon them. It provides new ways of thinking, shows potentials of variety of perspectives and supports team building.

READY To PLAY? For new potential view points, to think creatively and to innovate?