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Project Description


Action to Unlock Hidden Creativity


How do we implement Play into solving problems, Defining white space opportunities, Vision creation, Understanding leadership, Developing a new product or even simply understanding our own self?

Play is contextual, what I mean by that is, Play needs a space to redefine what is known, deconstruct a concept to be able to reconstruct a new meaning and move forward.

Every Play Type has a power to leverage a different Behaviour, Skills, Understanding and as result Solution; For example;

Object Play, is about being curious about the function of objects, materials, relationships of its mechanics and as a result it brings out the wondrous mind, a mind that wants to explore, dissemble, experiment and create.

Social Play, is being curious of relationship of people, beings, concepts, and how they relate to each other, dynamics, and that brings the emphatic mind.

Active Play, is about being curious of space relationship, constructing, physically exploring space, and this brings our the spatial knowledge, abstract thinking.

Symbolic Play, is being curious of pattern reading, sequential thinking exploring new combinations, new ways of communicating.

Rule based Play (Games), is being curious of understanding mechanics of rules, dynamics, systems and as a result brings out negotiation skills, strategy.

All these Play Types can be combined or used alone, depending on where and for what the implementation is needed.


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Design Thinking with Play Methods