Play is the source of Creativity. Most of in our day to day jobs forget to think from different perspectives as we get accustomed to think in one linear way. But with today’s uncertainty we need to become more creative thinkers and be okay with the unknown. New ideas, innovative solutions emerges from the perspectives that we have never thought of. Play Workshops are designed to make us feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, almost same feeling as after a long period of not doing any physical exercises we get a bit stiff but as we get used to our flexibility gets better, so play Workshops are exactly the same it helps us to expand and flex our mind and we can come up with GREAT IDEAS.


Not just for ideas of course, Play Workshops are also a great way to bond with your team mates. Get to know each other in level of you have never thought of and laugh together. If you haven’t had the time to get to know like in global teams a great way to start to know each other and start fresh to work together.