In October I had two consecutive Play Workshops in joint with Mairi Macintyre’s Full Time Masters students and Exec.

Masters Students at WMG Warwick University for the Service Management and Design Program;

Although in the past year I had experienced with different Play Workshops with variety of audiences admittedly with Warwick it was very special. Mairi and I really put our heads together to understand how Play can effectively work within the module. Play Workshops in itself is very special, you can never exactly know how the audience will react. It even depends who is sitting next to whom. But every time I become even more convinced with the power of Play in the way it leverages and expands our Creative Thinking, and the way it bounds people and teams create new cultures, humour. We had the opportunity to see and observe before and after effects on the problem solving skills. Magically within minutes after the consumption of Play Experience people start to look from different perspectives to the situations. It expands our Creative Mind Muscles…And after all Play Workshops help us to bring out the forgotten Creativity from our unconscious to our conscious.