Gamification as an Organizational Development Tool

“…..Gamification is such a trending topic and I’m really looking forward to picking your brain! First of all, what is gamification?

–   It is simply being in a playful state of mind. There are also some skills needed to implement game mechanics onto a situation. With this mindset and skills, a player starts to experience the situation in a playful way, coming up with new strategic applications, processes, and perspectives.’…..

…Yes, but we have proven organizational theories and strategies, which created all these big, international, and successful corporations. What is wrong with them? And how is Gamification different?

–  The biggest hurdle for an organization is to engage its employees to be part of the change. What gamification does, it creates a safe environment… An environment that is more experimental, hands on, and engaging rather than very much engineered as if it is a mechanical problem. Here you have more humanly qualities; there is a narration, which helps employees with navigation.

Again, I would like to open this into a broader terminology: Playfluence… Creating a sustainable, happy, and effective workforce through playful environments, engagements, and Gamification tools and mechanics, as well as adding different engagements from the Play Theories. That’s the future of organizational development…...

Whatever your organizational problem, play is the answer…

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