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Design Thinking with Play Methods

PLAY to INNOVATE® Four KEY Attributes…

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"Play to Innovate®"

Clients who PLAY to INNOVATE®

This workshop is really colorful, innovative and effective to get an insight about your leadership style you have. Really worth it and inspirational.

Innovation Forum, Innovation Forum

Yesim’s session included creative, fun and effective activities that teased innovative ideas from participants, whilst bringing out the inner-child in a room full of adults. The session was well-crafted, unique, engaging and truly memorable for all involved.

Your Content Goes Here, UpRising

Very Enjoyable, creative, communicative, vibrant, playful workshop brings your leader qualities and flaws also. A really great and different way of learning about leadership we don’t Play enough as Adults.

Your Content Goes Here, City Business Library

I had the good fortune to participate in an action learning workshop that explored how play can be introduced as an intervention in an action learning setting. The workshop was experiential – we learnt by doing – and through play I discovered that complex and deep experiences can be understood and articulated with a simplicity and clarity that would be hard to achieve through words alone.

Ann Mahon, Senior Lecturer, Health Management and Leadership, Manchester Business School


Design Thinking with Play Methods

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination